Scientific Program

The scientific program includes state-of-the-art lectures on the main topics, original papers and posters. The main tracks will also include original communications to the topics. A session of “rehabilitation medicine across borders” is dedicated to a comparison of rehabilitation approaches in different countries of our region. Additionally, three educational symposia are part of the program.

The main topics are:

Track 1: Pain chronification (mechanisms, risk factors, rehabilitation strategies and outcomes)

Track 2: Effects of physical activity and aerobic exercise (genetics, metabolic syndrome, mental functions, exercise in people with disabilties)

Special issue session 1: Acute and early post acute rehabilitation programs

Special issue session 2: Participation issues and quality of life

Special issue session 3: Rehabilitation Medicine across services: Coordinated rehab strategies

Symposium 1: Research strategies in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Symposium 2: Pain rehabilitation

Symposium 3: Team work in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Free communications and posters are welcome